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Cynthia L (Montreal, Canada)

Nous avons adoré nos deux tours avec Guillaume. Il a tout à fait compris nos intérêts. L’itinéraire en 2CV d’une heure nous a permis de découvir et redécouvrir(!) les incontournables et d’apprendre des anecdotes intéressantes à leur sujet! Aussi, c’était un tour d’orientation parfait pour nous indiquer les adresses à découvrir par nous-mêmes. Guillaume était comme un ami qui fait découvrir ses endroits préférés! Ensuite on s’est baladés à pied dans le quartier latin et nous avons vu plein de petits coins charmants hors des sentiers battus. Guillaume nous a aussi permis de dénicher d’excellents petits restaurants. Nous allons chaudement recommander à nos amis qui iront à Paris de faire une tournée avec lui!

Cynthia L, 6/05/2013


SofrenchParis (Paris, France)

Malgré le froid hivernal parisien, grâce au chaleureux Guillaume, nous avons découvert les caractéristiques du 9ème arrondissement avec grand intérêt ! La visite s’est terminée chez un fromager pour une dégustation, en deux mots : simplicité et partage. Un petit moment suspendu dans le temps, chez des artisans fiers de leur travail, accueillants et intéressants. Merci Guillaume et à bientôt

SofrenchParis, 26/02/2013


Vincent (Lille, France)

Passionné et passionnant, Guillaume nous a fait découvrir les différents marchés aux puces de Saint-Ouen. Une visite pleine des belles surprises, découvertes et rencontres. Je vous la conseille! Merci Guillaume!

Vincent, 22/11/2012



J’ai habité à Paris plus de 10 ans et je continue toujours à la visiter 2 a 3 fois par mois. Je croyais tout savoir de Paris… Pour Guillaume, je représente un vrai challenge pour me surprendre et il a fait un « strike »… Je lui avais juste demander « surprise me »!
Me faire un tour de Paris spécial « Grande crue de la Seine 1910″ est l’idée la plus originale qu’on puisse m’offrir… Demandez-lui et vous verrez!
En plus, faites ceci et arrêtez vous devant la compagnie des motards (police) et prenez photo avec un motard, la nuit: vous aurez une photo avec « Tron »… Essayez le et vous comprendrez de quoi je parle :-)))
Mille merci Guillaume

Seongji, 14/11/2012


Charles F (London, UK)

Guillaume gave an excellent two-hour tour to a group of thirteen British teenage boys and their teachers. He hit the mark very well with a mixture of insider local information and history.We would certainly use him again.

Charles, 02/2013


Joke G (Heverlee, Brabant, Belgium)

We are visiting Paris 1 to 2 times a year, already for some years now. Just before our last trip, Le Vrai Paris was mentioned in a travel program on Flemish television. As we are always looking for another part of Paris to visit, this was exactly what we needed! Guillaume took us for a stroll from the Canal de l’Ourcq, via the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, through the Villa’s up to Belleville. A part of Paris we wouldn’t have visited without Guillaume. We discovered e.g. a small Russian church, well hidden for the public, but so beautiful; another discovery was a small but very cosy coffee bar, on a nice square.
It was a wonderful experience, also for my teenage doughters. Guillaume responded spontaneously to their interests as well. My youngest daughter is a great fan of street art, when he saw that, he took us to a small street with an amazing piece of street art.
All 4 of us were really excited after the 2 hours walk. I could recommend it to everyone and we’ll surely be asking Guillaume again for another walk. Thanks Guillaume for this wonderful experience!

Joke, 13/01/2013


Margeaux G (Tampa, Florida, USA)

Guillaume came highly recommended to us from a mutual friend, and the tour definitely lived up to all the hype! I feel like we saw the side of Paris that few tourists ever get to see. We went on a Sunday morning and went to an amazing food market! It would have been quite intimidatind (as we didnt speak the language) But Guillaume translated for us! He knew everything about everything and the guests of our small wedding all agree it was their favorite part of the trip!

Margeaux, 31/10/2012



Geoff Chester (Brisbane, Australia)

My wife and I througherly enjoyed our walking tour in Paris. More specifically because time was short we appreciated getting off the tourist route (very well trodden in Paris) and seeing some of the more quaint and local flavours of the history of that wonderful city. Walking through some of those old neighbourhoods and getting the old and new history was very enjoyable. Would recommend the tour to anyone. Thank you once again.

Geoff and Mal, 15/10/2012


Jessamy (Hawaï)

When looking for an especially special 30th birthday present for my insanely-Paris-connected Frenchman, I was particularly hard pressed for ideas. However, after admiring several 2CVs running around Paris and talking to a few friends, I found myself speaking to the-one-and-only Guillaume Leroux. He understood immediately that this surprise was very close to my heart and treated me, and the entire organization of the tour, with great respect and care.  It was his interaction and coordination – as much as the actual tour – that made the occasion not only special for the birthday boy, but also for me. It was truly a night I will never forget. Let’s just say that I recommend getting the « extra » package so that you can say you drank champagne in the back of a 2CV with the top down, admiring the City of Light.

So when I called Guillaume for a second tour to celebrate the 64th birthday of my mother visiting me in Paris, I knew that he was going to come at the project with the same care that he had the first time around. He was again courteous, thoughtful, and organized. We spent a lovely afternoon together, and Guillaume made the tour different from the first one just so that I could see new sights.

Thank you, Guillaume, for helping me make these two important people in my life feel extraordinarily wonderful.
Jessamy, 30/07/2012




Charlie from Bus Boys Abroad (the whole article is → here)

My guide, is exceptionally colorful, interesting, knowledgeable and funny guy called Guillaume who is not only an expert on the sights of Paris but also a gourmet with an inside line on all the great restaurants in the city…from romantic Michelin star multiple award winning establishments to fantastic value for money traditional local eateries. Guillaume turns out a gem from the very beginning combining great guiding with very safe driving even at the Arc De Triomph. (…)


All questions I seem to put to Guillaume are answered with knowledge, wit and humour.

But move along we must through winding cobbled street only accessible by bike, motorbike or our little 2CV with lovely hidden churches and I feel that Guillaume has gone out of his way to show me hidden Paris, although I know he is really avoiding traffic.  So, should you choose this amazing way to see this beautiful city and Guillaume is your  guide…you shall see much of hidden paris in moderate afternoon traffic. (…)

We arrive  at the pier and I thank Guillaume for his wonderful highlights of Paris tour.  An excellent guide, a retro car and a beautiful city, the perfect ingredients for a magnificent tour and that it was!
Charlie, 28/08/2012



Lynda Krauser (Gibraltar, Michigan)

When our french friends met us at our hotel Aramis and announced that they had arranged a great surprise, we didn’t know what to expect. Being in the wonderful city of Paris could offer a lot of surprises! Within minutes of waiting in the hotel lobby, two red, white and blue tour cars from LE VRAI PARIS pulled up front. Our lady friends, Sylvie and Michelle, jumped up with glee and ushered Lisa, her husband, Mark and myself outside in the rain. We were introduced to our two, young and handsome, french tour guides and away we went. Sylvie, Michelle and I were with guide ‘Guillaume’ and Lisa and Mark went in the other car with guide ‘……………..’.

The tour was so unique, being in retro and very distinct cars for one, along with our very unique and entertaining tour guides. We saw the sights of Paris that were not on our former bus tours since our mini ‘limo’s’ this time were much easier to zip around in. We covered the city in every direction… high, low, north, south, east and west. It was ‘tres magnifique’!!

And what a lot of surprises indeed! Our guide Guillaume told us stories and facts about the history of Paris as well as current information that was both fascinating and enriching. He was the best resource and the most amusing host. He listened to our conversations and showed us exactly what we would like to see, plus more.

The best surprise of the day, however, happened near the end of our tour in front of the Louvre. My purse ‘somehow’ fell out of the car, with passport, money and credit cards inside. It was the beginning of what could have been a tourists worst nightmare…..but to Guillaume’s credit, and the luck of the Lord…….a mysterious truck driver snatched up the purse from the pavement during heavy rain and traffic and returned it to the other red,white and blue tour car that was carrying Mark and Lisa. Within two minutes my entire being was in both recoil and relief. My purse was gone, then returned, all within two minutes. Guillaume said that ‘he almost lost his teeth’ when I started screaming ‘MY PURSE… MY PURSE IS MISSING!!!’. Fortunately this wonderful truck driver behind us had seen what happened, stopped traffic, grabbed my purse and had the instinctive competence to retrieve it to the next Le Vrai Paris tour car that was following him. My biggest regret however is that I still don’t know who this ‘hero’ is or how to thank him.

So, like the entire tour that day with one surprise after another, it ended with the biggest and best surprise of all. Not only do we have special memories and pictures of that day, but we also have the funniest, most scariest and best ending mishap story of all time. I will always be grateful to Guillaume and Le Vrai Paris tours for giving me the ‘thrill of a lifetime’ in the magical city of Paris, France, but foremost I will always carry sincerest gratitude for and remembrance of, our mysterious angel.

Lynda, 21/07/2012


Nelly Wolters (Brussels, Belgium)

Guillaume nous a guidé à travers un Paris insolite et méconnu et nous a ‘promené’ en 2CV. Quand je dis nous, il s’agissait un mi-séminaire, mi-team building et tout notre petit groupe a pleinement apprécié l’organisation de ce tour.
Merci Guillaume. La prochaine fois, ce serait cependant judicieux de commander ‘aussi’ le soleil ou alors de ‘décommander’ la pluie ! :-).
Nelly, 5/7/2012



I had so much fun with Guillaume! I really liked how he knew which areas to stay out of in Paris- which was really nice because we are tourists! Actually, we had to go into one area because my sister saw some shoes she liked… After at least one hour of searching for these shoes, we couldn’t find them. We told Guillaume to go, because it was clear we weren’t going to find these shoes. He insisted that he stay with us, which was so nice on his part. The 2 best things were that I ate the best pizza ever near the flea market. And the overall best thing was that I got to ride on his motorcycle! It was so much fun and I would totally recommend him for anyone who needs a guide in Paris.
Jamie, 23/03/2011




Barry Dhorn (Cambridge, USA)

I had a fabulous time with you while in Paris. Your « guiding » was very good and because you were able to give us an overview of the city, we were able to maximize our time while in Paris for only a short time.
Par Barry le 29/05/2011


Jules Kim (New York, USA)

Guillaume comprends le pouls culturel de Paris.c’est magnifique de visiter les endroits super secrets et Guillaume sait comment les découvrir!
Jules, 18/01/11



Typhaine et Richard (Troyes, France)

Nous sommes alles chez Gallopin sur les recommendations de Guillaume, et cette brasserie a depasse nos attentes. Le service est excellent et les mets a la hauteur du cadre. Nous avons dejeune un samedi midi et avons pu profiter du menu special permettant de deguster des vins renommes a prix coutants. Nous recommandons donc ce typique bistrot, aussi bien pour un repas entre amis que pour un diner en amoureux. Guillaume, merci encore pour ce conseil avise!
Typhaine & Richard, 19/09/10



John Christy (Atlanta, USA)

We were in Paris for my daughter’s 16th birthday. Guillaume was our guide for our trip to the Paris flea markets. It was wonderful being able to ask and learn about matters of Paris history and culture from him and his knowledge of restaurants and Paris food was invaluable. The highlight of my daughter’s day was riding through Paris traffic on his motorcycle-much like a real Parisian. He then went out of his way (and had amazing patience) to help my other tennage daughter find a pair of sneakers she had seen while riding in the cab to the flea market. It was a wonderful day and when we return we will certainly reach out to Guillamue to have him guide us around Paris again.
John, 22/03/2011


Narelle Polard (Australia)

I was recently staying in Paris with my three daughters, and had the pleasure of having guillame be our guide for a hidden treasures tour I booked on the net. During this tour I found out he conducted his own personalised food tours. Being passionate about food, but also about having my daughters learn how to visit places not be a « tourist » I instantly though this would be great. I actually underestimated just how personalised Guillame would make the tour, he ensured that the walking was not too great for my 5 year old, including all the types of foods I wanted to try and gave little detours based on my other passion , history. The girls loved the pastries he found for us and the lolly shop he added just for them! Dropping us off for lunch at a cafe used by the resistance simply made my day! But that was not where he left us, knowing we still had many hours out sightseeing he looked after our purchases (red wine and camembert) and dropped them to our hotel ! We later had the pleasure of meeting Guillame for some more exquisite French finds, when he showed the girls and I two chocolatiers where the sweets were absolutely to die for ! I have never been on tour that was personalised, let alone one that actually took you to places that the guide uses himself. All the food was amazing, and Guillames knowledge of places to eat, places to buy fresh products and Paris itself was amazing, he is a pricelles amabasador for Paris, and gave my children and I an amazing insight into Paris ! Merci again, Narelle, Charlotte, Jessica and Allysa
Narelle Pollard, 18/01/11



Bliss (New York, USA)
It was my first time in Paris & I was lucky enough to have Guillaume as my guide. His extensive knowledge of the soul within each neighborhood is amazing. It is one experience to walk through the history & another to enjoy the taste only a local would know. He took us to a tiny Spanish restaurant nestled just above the family-owned deli/shop, I had some of the most delicious jambalaya I’ve eaten and wonderful wine. An experience I will never forget! Next I hope to come back and have Guillaume take me for a walk through Versailles!
Bliss, 16/01/11


Ana (Madrid, Spain)

Hi, my name is Ana. My family and I did a private gastronomy tour in a 2CV with Guillaume and it was fantastic. We went to wonderful places in Paris that worth a visit and then he took us to a wonderful street full of good stores to buy the best cheese, bread, meat and wine. And finally he drove us to a city garden where we enjoyed our meal. It was really good! Don´t miss it!

Ana, 15/06/10


Alison Schneider (New York, USA)

Guillaume is wonderful, knowledgeable and protective! We love him and felt so secure with him. We would wholeheartedly recommend him for any tour guiding position anywhere!
Alison, 21/03/2011


Konni & Brad (Sioux Falls, USA)

Brad & I were in the beautiful City of Paris in September of 2009. To get a real feel of Paris we hired a 2CV for a 3 hour tour of Pairs. We were so lucky to have Guillaume as a tour guide. As it turned out he was more than a guide, he became an ambassador and our friend during our stay. He gave us advice on places to eat and visit while we were in Paris. Our most memorable meal was on his recommendation. “Chez Georges” was everything and more of what I thought a French Restaurant would be. The ambiance & cuisine, were stellar. A must visit if you want true French Cuisine. Having experienced French food it was now time to get a taste of what the locals enjoy. Guillaume suggested a small restaurant in the Moulin Rouge district. It was fantastic, a mother, daughter restaurant that served the most incredible paella. And what was more, is we had the pleasure of Guillaume joining us for dinner. Our last night in Paris, we again went on the recommendation of Guillaume, a wonderful sushi restaurant in the center of Paris. Thanks to Guillaume our trip very memorable. So much so we will be back In September to share it with friends!
Konni, 23/06/10