A touch of spontaneity, a dash of integrity, and oodles of motivation: that’s me, Guillaume Le Roux! And it’s through my guided tour that you will discover the secrets behind the 716 formula… —

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are!


And what could be more evocative than intellectual nourishment?

Since I’m passionate about culture and fascinated by human life in general, it was only natural that I would choose to major in clinical psychology and ethnology. Then, because I wanted to know more about how to start a business, I went on to complete a Master’s in Entrepreneurship.

In the end, filled with knowledge of the workings of civilisations and the human mind, I steered away from the usual path of a young graduate and instead immersed myself in another facet of culture that I have loved for a long time: music.


Music, restaurants and guided tours of Paris form a wonderful trinity that arouses the senses.For a long time I kept these three activities separate, but with this website my goal is to bring them together, combine them, and recreate them as necessary in order to adapt them to your requirements!

Since my childhood as a middle-class suburbanite, I have been interested in gastronomy. I used to cut out restaurant reviews to compile them in a notebook listing the city’s great eats. My friends and I would go out to eat all styles of food, so I got to visit a variety of places and taste a wide range of cuisines. I learnt to appreciate and evaluate all flavours, from the most unpretentious little restaurants at Porte de Saint-Ouen to the most refined establishments in the heart of Paris.


716 is brimming with nuggets that are as surprising as they are refined and I hope that you will get as much pleasure from discovering them as I got from finding them… and I will gladly take you to them through Le Vrai Paris (the real Paris).

Via Le Vrai Paris, I offer original and customisable tours of Paris combining historical aspects and contemporary elements. The idea is to bring credibility back to the ‘tour guide’ profession.

I’m not only here to show you what is in front of your eyes; I am here to “guide” you towards what is the best fit for you.


I still love music, food and Paris. I have earned some professional qualifications, been approved by the relevant official bodies, and I am now…

Visiting Paris

…A member of the Paris Visitors’ Bureau, as a tour guide. In this capacity, I’m helping to implement the “Destination Paris: la Ville Augmentée” (Destination Paris: the Augmented City) programme, which aims to attract young European travellers to Paris.

I work with the Seine-Saint-Denis Departmental Committee for Tourism, which has also given me its seal of approval and which, much to the delight of my visitors, sells several of my tours.

These tours are aimed at…


– first-timers to Paris who need an introduction to the city: I give them an overview of the city to make it less intimidating for them and so that they feel confident about going out and exploring it further.

– and Paris connoisseurs, from France or abroad, who want to discover the city in greater depth, be surprised, and get off the beaten track.

On 716 La Vie, I also recommend… restaurants selected according to two criteria: the quality of the food and the warmth of the welcome. The setting isn’t really important, as long as the food is good and you feel good in your surroundings: my recommendations cover everything from street food at 3 euros to fancier restaurants in Paris.

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