Markets, Chocolate & Macaroons

Food Lovers’ Tour & Chocolate/Macarons from Saint-Michel to Saint-Germain

We will start our Food Lovers’ Tour by visiting a typical Parisian market. You will experience the unique atmosphere of these markets held three times per week. A famous cheese maker is set up just across from the market. This will be an opportunity for you to admire and taste a few of the 300 French cheeses in existence (General de Gaulle talked about how impossible it was to “govern a country where there are 246 varieties of cheese”, but an average of 120 different cheeses can be found in cheese shops).

For dessert, we will go and buy chocolates and macarons from the district’s best artisans.

From Opéra to Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Paris is synonymous with pastries, chocolate, macarons, cakes… all those little treats that bring us so much pleasure during a day spent walking the streets of the most romantic city in the world, and also those we bring home to our loved ones as gifts.
What could be more pleasant than strolling from shop to shop, browsing around mythical stores, tasting macarons and chocolates while you’re there, and then setting off once again to admire the most famous streets and monuments in Paris before the next treat stop.