The current situation in Paris

During the corona virus period, the physical guided tours are only authorized in Paris for a maximum of 10 people, separated by a physical distance of minimum 1 m. During this period of incertitude, it might be complicated for some of you to travel to Paris, so now I am proposing virtual guided tours.

What is a videoconference?

I will share my screen with you and guide you through Paris using photos and videos that I comment. This is an advantageous new format that allows me to show more details, such as the archive material or the interior of old buildings that no longer exist, but still staying connected with the city. The virtual tour lasts for maximum 1h30min.

How does a videoconference happen?

Following your subscription to a specific virtual tour, you will receive a link for a Zoom meeting. You will be able to join the meeting 10 minutes before the starting time. I’ll be there to help you with technical details. You don’t need to install Zoom on your computer to be able to join the meeting, you just have to click the link.

What is the price?

All the virtual tours costs 10 euros per person (not per computer), 5 euros for the kids below 12. As a guide, I saw a strong decrease of my income, so I kindly ask you to be honest and pay for the exact number of persons that will come to the tour.

Can we do a private videoconference?

Yes, in this case it will cost 70 euros for 2 people, 100 euros for a group of 3-8 people and 120 euros for a group bigger than 8. Advantage of having a virtual private tour is ……..

What are the available videoconferences?

I do 3 for now :

La Nouvelle Athènes. This misknow area just south Pigalle that was during all the 19th century the headquarters for all the artists and the birthplace of Romanticism.

Secret Montmartre. The idea is to show you everything cool and secret but the Sacré Coeur. Discover the narrow streets, the hidden gardens and secret places.

Arabic Food Tour. Discover the food culture, but also the history of one of the most legendary districts of Paris, next to Montmartre, “La Goutte d’Or”.

Where do we register?

There are not public videoconferences in English planned for now so write me.